Sunday, 28 July 2013

Oh Dear … I Fear The Worse ….

datingDarrell has been on tenderloins ever since he submitted his profile to his on-line dating site of choice ….. it only took 24 hours for his on-line bubble to spring a metaphorical leak!
005Now,  above is the picture that Darrell submitted … quite a dashing shot,  if I may say so.  …. which undeniably encapsulates the “essence” of Darrell perfectly!  There must be a software glitch on their website, what other reason could there be for them rejecting it by saying  “Your face is no visible”!
profileDarrell is thankfully philosophical at the moment …. his picture may have been rejected … which can easily be remedied by submitting another picture when he has five minutes ….. but surely they won’t reject his considered and very well thought out personal profile?
MaltesersAt least Nigel seems to be benefiting from Darrell’s non- dalliance, offering solace to Darrell as they watched Love Actually together,  rather than be encumbered by a “female lady person” as Nigel calls them!
What are they like?Malteers share bag


Mr.D said...

On tenderloins? Sounds rude.
Most people are on tenterhooks but both sound good.

Anonymous said...

I'd just stick with maltesers if i were you - save you a huge amount of money Darrell and a whole lot of grief, JantheFanx

Anonymous said...

Surely this must be one of those odd glitches that don't make much sense.....Nigel will understand perfectly Darrell's yearnings when some cute young monkey girl comes along and smiles at him; especially if she is wearing a pink hardhat and talks big machines and builder's jargon......Dianne