Friday, 12 July 2013

Belated Birthday Surprises For Darrell ….

Yesterday Darrell’s ticket to see the Rolling Stones in Hyde Park finally arrived, the promoters were certainly cutting it fine,  …. but I had a couple more belated birthday surprises up my sleeve to make the weekend a truly momentous one for him. Firstly, Darrell really needed a companion to share the occasion with …. so there was also another ticket for Nigel, who had been sworn to absolute and robust secrecy and I have to say, the kid done good!
Rolling stones ticketsNaturally,  as is his want, Darrell became totally overwhelmed in a Hello Magazine type way by this revelation …
002But, when I also mentioned the all expenses paid hotel, rail tickets and fully charged Oyster Cards for both of them …. that was it …. there was no doing with him … the tissues had to come out and were then duly reduced to pulp …. Darrell really is a martyr to his emotional ruminations!Rolling stones car rugThen I gave them Andy’s much treasured Rolling Stones Tattoo You travel rug and said that they could take it with them to sit and picnic upon during the afternoon and the inevitable long wait for the Stones to take to the stage …. needless to say more poignant tears ensued I am afraid,  as Keiff Richard was Andy’s all time, all time hero and idol, even though he was a bit naughty with unmentionable substances (Keiff not Andy!)
Rolling Stones in Hyde ParkFinally ….  Darrell managed to compose himself,  as there was now much to do ….like the packing of pyjamas, clean pants and toothbrushes and theplanning Darrell and Nigel’s Rolling Stones picnic …… Happy Belated Birthday Day Darrell …..!!!


Mr.D said...

Nigel kept mum - well done.
Will you be seeing Hugh and his friends?
It all sounds wonderful.
Have a great time!

marc said...

WOW WOW WOW WOW your so lucky those tickets are like hot cakes we even have a friend singing in the back up bands and they could only get one ticket for family /friends big show biz wave Hugh and love marc