Saturday, 20 July 2013

Auntie Jan’s Castastrophe!!!

We had a very upsetting call from Auntie Jan yesterday ……
…… informing us, in her usual very calm way, that she had broken her foot!  She said that she had just been sitting, minding her own business,  when the door bell rang and she got up very quickly not realising that her foot had gone to “asleep” and as a result she just went over on it ……….
Needless to say grapes (plus nectarines, and easy peel oranges)  were duly purchased, and Darrell and Nigel were on the bus to Granny G’s, where Auntie Jan is convalescing before you could say “scalpel please nurse”!
Both Darrell and Nigel admitted to being very “cast curious”, having never seen a real live broken foot before ….. and were quite relieved to see that Auntie Jan’s toes looked quite normal and not all grossly purple and blue, swollen and mangled as they had debated on the bus during their mission of mercy ….
They both felt that they ought to make an attempt to look professional and so tried to feel for a pulse …. but worryingly couldn’t find one!
However, they did remark quietly to each other, over the caste,  how fortuitous it was that Auntie Jan’s toes were quite well manicured and presentable at the time of her accident ….. a fungal nail infection wouldn’t have looked half as ambient. Sometimes they can be such an embarrassment to me!
Needless to say that Auntie Jan’s volunteering activities will now be severely curtailed for a little while ….. so I dare say we may well see some of the major national sporting events cancelled in the coming weeks too.
Auntie Jan is not very good at doing nothing, even sitting eating grapes all day can rapidly loose its appeal …… perhaps,  if we can persuade “someone”  to part with a few decopatch papers, ric rac braid and flat backed gems Auntie Jan could jolly up her crutches a bit and turn them into on trend and de rigueur fashion statements!


Mr.D said...

Get well soon AJ.
Maybe Vinnie the Volunteer can help AJ, seeing as he can't assist at any cancelled events.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lordy!!! Poor Aunty Jan - give her my get well soon wishes. If she reads this blog she will be laughing all day. JantheFan x

YorkshireKaren said...

Oh no, poor Auntie Jan!
Come on boys, I think it is your duty to bling up that cast as well, I'm sure some gems on it would look lovely so she can be a real twinkle toes!

marc said...

O Aunty Jan will hate having to sit around its so not her but she must rest it up Rick sends his love he likes Aunty Jan he is very proud of all she does and we are to Hugh and I send our love as do the girls GET WELL SOON OUR HERO and yep she should glam up her sticks I have some of my walking sticks and glamesticks on face book sale them big love from us all marc and co

Anonymous said...

Now that really is a tough break for Auntie Jan......a little glitter and some sparkles here and there just might cheer her up.....wishing for fast healing for Auntie know she and Vinnie are missed and many are waiting her return....Dianne