Wednesday, 24 July 2013

It’s A Baby .... Of A Royal Type Nature!!

Emotion has been rampantly rife throughout the portals of Castle Greysquirrel at the wonderful news of the arrival of William and Kate’s baby boy ….. Unfortunately, however, along with the joyous news and unbridled nationalistic pride heralded a one off, celebratory return of Darrell’s erstwhile wig! I am afraid  its resurgence may have had something to do with a most ample and sufficient supping of a very ambient bottle of congratulatory champagne …… well it would have been rude not to raise our glasses to the little boy, wouldn’t it!!007Obviously the drink was accompanied by robust and at times heated debate as to what the little one should be called …..baby8…… Nigel put forth Tyler as his name of choice …. Darrell quite fancied Brandon or Mason but I prefer the more traditional names ….. so for me … James Alexander would be a good, strong, manly name that would sound OK having King added to it later!!!


Mr.D said...

I prefer your names too but young Master Windsor's initials would be JAW!

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see what his name is. By the photos he looks like he has a strong boy face, if you understand me. So William and Kate could have names that mean strong. Lets start with - Barry? No? Valentino - bet that would go down a storm with Prince Phillip No? How about Ricky? Yep that's it - he would feel right at home when he gets older and watches Eastenders, him being a Londoner and all that.
But I doubt Will & Kate will be looking at the same book as me.
It will be James or George or something on those lines. Pity.
JantheFan x

marc said...

Dewayne Tyron or peregrine George are all good names she could shout out any of those and Still hold her head high when she has lost him in the pound shop think Darrel needs to lend his London wind catcher to William his going a bit thin on top Big congtates to her marc and Hugh

Mr.D said...

JtF - will he have an Eastender's accent? Good ideas JtF.
I like your suggestions too Marc - they made me smile. Using the initials, he would be DT or PG (Tips.)