Friday, 19 July 2013

Oh Darrell …. A Small Boy’s Mind!!!

While Darrell and Nigel were exploring Little Venice, Darrell insisted that Nigel should take a shot of him standing in this fairly innocuous location, artistically posed and framed under shady leafy foliage …..
However, all is not what it seems ……. as it was the restaurant in the distance that had caused Darrell very great amusement ….. and had they more time Darrell was desperate to explore the notion of a “tossed fest” …. but diligently noted in his diary that when he is in London next, in a month or twos time to stay with Hugh for a spot of Summer Time London Lounging ….. that he would return ….. to experience the Tossed effect for himself!
What is he like?


Mr.D said...

Couldn't give a toss?
A toss up?
A bit of a tosser?
Tossed salad?
Plus another that is rather rude, in the UK at least.

marc said...

MR D WASH YOUR MOUTH OUT WITH SOAP OR ITS SMAKED LEGS FOR YOU YOUNG MAN LOL that's Paddington basin it was really run down and you could not walk up there it was waste land and then they regenerated it all ,some times they do theatre and live music were Darrell is standing did you see the men who are not real men there when you come to London we will take a walk to camden