Thursday, 25 July 2013

Confectionary Of Work Choice

At times chocolate, in whatever shape or form isn’t the best confectionary for the work situation …. especially in this current very clement weather when smeared,  melted chocolate on paperwork such as minutes of great import or urgent stationary orders is not really  the “professional”  look we like to go for …..
Tesco Butter MintoesSo our current confectionary of office choice are Tesco Butter Mintoes, nom, nom, nom!
2013-07-09 08.20.14Darrell in particular,  finds them strangely comforting when there is a pressing and mahoooosive rush,  bulk,  confidential document shredding consignment to be done, especially as the end of term is looming and at time fraught ….
Butter Mintoes Tesco.“They hit the spot every time”  he says, when proffered one “And the sucking thereof thus helps to keep me calm and in a good place, as opposed to of all over the place and panicking robustly!”  What is he like?  But I have to admit that Tesco do make exceeding good butter mints,  that don’t make the roof of your mouth sore if you suck too many!!!!


Mr.D said...

My nana used to carry a packet of Butter Mintoes and give us some when I was little.
Thanks for the memories - I hadn't thought about these in years and now I can taste them in my mind's eye (or is it mind's mouth?)

Anonymous said...

Happy days Mr.D.

marc said...

o yes indeed MR D and person with no name happy days indeed my nan to gave us those it must be a grandparent thing she also gave us also had Everton mints and army and navy sweets and the then there were the ones I did not like at all granddad would give us in the winter and we would give to the dog, fisherman's friends and cloves from winter mix they were not nice still don't like them also when I smell violets I always think of those little sweets she use to suck after having a small (pint of lol) sherry palmers violets I think they are called big love marc thanks for the walk boys down memory lane

Mr.D said...

Thank you no name and Marc. Thanks for reminding me of Palma Violets too.

Anonymous said...

A true comfort to have a container of such goodness available....lucky you!....Dianne