Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Exclusive Hello Magazine Type Pictures ……. A La Vegas Style.

Today we thought we’d share a few of our candid Hello Magazine type pictures from our  ever growing  Last Vegas album, that we haven’t had a chance to show you yet ……
carpet…… like our very favourite carpet of choice out of all the hotels/resorts we have visited on our Last Vegas adventure ….. which we admired so much in Slots of Fun at Circus Circus that we are now seriously considering taking up all our laminate floors from the aforementioned Castle Greysquirrel, which Darrell says are sooooo last year and passé and replacing with this throughout …… how brilliant would that look?
cokeAbove, Darrell enjoying a swift root beer, which he got quite a taste for while trying to blend in with the natives  ….. on the other hand Nigel and I found that it was very much an acquired taste, as it made us heave quite considerably, we thought it tasted like the mouth wash at the dentists ….. but, each to his own.
dollarDarrell again ….. this time trying to pick a dollar bill off the pavement outside our hotel, only to find that it was cunningly embedded in the slab to fool people …. like Darrell!
ExcaliburExcalibur 2
Nigel showing that he aint scared of no dragons, at the Excalibur Hotel…..
Ceasers Palace Planet Hollywood only time we have ever left a mealCeasers Palce Planet Hollywood
….. and sharing a mahoooosive club sandwich with Darrell at Planet Hollywood in Caesars Palace,  where the front of house girls resembled Ugly Betty’s uglier sisters and who’s customer service left much to be desired ….. and as such,  it is the only place we visited in Last Vegas that we would NOT and would NEVER, EVER recommend …..  which coming from us speaks volumes as we are usually very mild mannered, easy going monkeys
out and about giftsDarrell again, this time outside the World’s Largest Gift Shop ……OMG, there was so much Last Vegas tut per square inch it was overwhelming, but surprisingly (or perhaps not) we left ….. empty handed …… perhaps shopping in the poundshops of our beloved Wolverhampton has spoiled us for quality!!
out and about trash….. And talking of tut …… we also failed to make any considered purchases in the Kardashian Shop at The Mirage. The Kardashians are Darrell’s guilty viewing pleasure, though he would never admit it  ….. but even he was not tempted by their extensive perfume range to smell like one (a Kardashian),  not even like Bruce!
Out and About Jelly BeanHowever, Nigel would have done anything to have had a little nibble on the Statue of Liberty in jelly bean form in New York New York, ….. we strongly suspect he had a sly lick of one of her toes, in passing …… but we cannot prove anything that would be admissible in a court of law, unless we bring Tom the Scientist out to take DNA swabs of her right foot!
out and about Rain forest cafeAnd, what can you say about this shot of Darrell in The Rain Forest Cafe at the MGM Grand, OMG … what an incredible, incredible  place ….

…. where sitting under a mahoooosive mushroom, surrounded by elephants and giant fish tanks and getting rained on seems the most natural thing in the world whilst enjoying a cheeky cocktail, or two …. or three!!
OuT and about beautyout and about beauty1
Darrell found a very ample sufficiency of establishments of a beauty type nature to satisfy his quest for the perfect complexion, without having to resort to going the buttocks Botox route, He always seemed to manage  to come back to the hotel at the end of the day (or night) with handfuls of complimentary samples for dehydrated skin ….. something that has been plaguing, though not hampering him during our stay!
Out and About 1I’ll let you come up with you own caption for Nigel … with a new friend …
strat pin up 1…… and this one, trying to assume the pose of a Last Vegas pin up, good grief!!!
So many robustly happy memories …… memories that we’ll remember and talk about forever …… but,  we still have a couple of days left ….. and it aint over till the fat lady sings …….. so we’ve put a gag on her!!!!!  What are we like?


Mr.D said...

I want a club sandwich - NOW!
Here, many sandwiches have a name of a city or country - Cubana, Hawaiana, Rusa, Suiza etc.

Anonymous said...

Because carpet can be a major investment, entre nous, just wondering if perhaps you might want to rethinnk that carpet pattern......love all the fish tanks and mist at the Rainforest Cafe...one of my grandchildren's favourite places when they were little...don't like root beer either.....Darrell's complexion is looking absolutely perfect! Booooo, thumbs down to Caesar's
Palace.......of course, Nigel the Dragon slayer! always be wary of world's largest ANYTHING!!!.... Dianne

marc said...

love this post fab big love marc

Pamela said...

Good to see a balanced review - warts and all! I've enjoyed today's peek at the many places you've been to. Love Nigel's PIN UP but can't think of a caption for his friend.