Friday, 27 September 2013

Viva Last Vegas ….Nigel Meets Jaws…

Our holiday of a lifetime holiday in glorious and most wonderful Las Vegas is sadly drawing nigh  ….
shark reef….. so the final things we choose to do now, before we sadly start to pack, and the things we decide to leave until we come back have had to be debated robustly, at times becoming quite heated… each one of us putting our arguments for and against a venue/destination with a fervent vigour and not a little table thumping, usually over a cocktail, or two, or three!!!
Shark reef 4Yesterday Nigel presented his hypothesis as to why we should go to the Shark Reek at the Mandalay Hotel (which is joined to our hotel via a series of escalators and walkways) very concisely and with extreme succinctness  …..
Shark Reef 3He said that if Andy was with us, it wouldn’t have been one of the last places we would have visited ….. it would have been the first, and in that respect we had been very, very remiss! …… It was an argument, we couldn’t/wouldn’t even challenge …… so to Shark Reef we ventured. 
Shark reek 2Despite being desperate to see the sharks, it was in fact the jelly fish that stole Nigel’s heart ….. “They are so graceful and ethereal and of an out of this world type nature, a little bit spooky and a little bit rock and roll! ” he declared …. however on this one rare occasion he wasn’t desperately desperate to dive into the tank and be at one with them, as is his usual mantra …..
Shark reef 6…… but, he would never ever completely rule out swimming unprotected with sharks or octopuses  ….. what is he like?


Mr.D said...

Did Nigel find Nemo too?
I'm sure Andy would have had a wonderful time in Las Vegas.
Quiz - do you know what Las Vegas means?

Pamela said...

Another wonderful experience. I'm with Nigel that I wouldn't swim with the jellyfish - they look yucky!
Las Vegas = The Meadows

Anonymous said...

Nigel brought clarity to a thorny dilemma once again! Looks like Nigel and the jelly fish bonded in a through the glass sort of way......Hope this is just a swimming with sharks phase soon forgotten when he gets back to his high vis vest and hardhat.....oh dear oh dear, Nigel just might look like a tasty tidbit to a great white or bull shark...too awful to think about!!!!....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Well done Diana.
The meadows is correct.
Gold star for you.