Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Viva Last Vegas–Nigel Hits The Jackpot!

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Nigel has been taken a very keen and diligent interest in the Keno machines that are on all the bars in all the casinos …..
keno 1bbb….. noting that if you are seen to be putting money into said machines you get a free drink ….. usually from a scantily clad young lady, although Nigel doesn’t seem to have noticed the aforementioned scantily cladness bit, he is just interested in getting a free coke …. bless him. Anyway, we have left him to his own devices, but with a strict limit of 2 dollars per evening (about £1.30).
keno 3Anyway, humouring him last night when we got in,  we asked how many free drinks he had managed to wangle ….. the tally was a disappointing 4,  plus a couple of pieces of paper, that had come out of his machine as he got up to go   …. but he didn’t have a clue what they were for …..
keno aakeno a
….. so still humouring him,  we said we’d have a look for him, saying they were probably for a free game or something ……
keno 4keno qq
But ………. OMG ……… Nigel had only won …… $14 on the one slip AND $419 dollars on the other!!!! OMG, OMG, OMG ……
Keno zzWe have never been so robustly apoplectic or stunned ever, ever, ever …….. Nigel had only hit the jackpot!!!
Keno cccI said that I had better go back to the casino and see if I could actually cash his vouchers, just in case it was a dream or a awful misunderstanding on our part   …..  but no, the machine cashed BOTH vouchers ….. OMG, OMG, OMG!!!
keno vvNigel was now a millionaire in his world! As we stared at the money laid out on his and Darrell's bed, Nigel announced that we really ought to do something of  a most special type nature with it, something we wouldn’t have otherwise have done on our holiday of a lifetime holiday to Last Vegas  ……. He pondered a while, as he oft does,  and then announced that we were going to ………HOLLYWOOD ……………… as soon as he could find a tour rep and someone would go with him to help book it!!!!!!  OMG,  with that Darrell and I filled up (yet again on this holiday of a lifetime holiday) ……. completely and utterly dumbstruck ….. Oh Nigel, you have such good, kind and mahooooooosive heart, where would we be without you!


Mr.D said...

It just keeps on getting better.
Good old Nigel.
Hurray for Hollywood, and not the one in Birmingham.
What next?

Anonymous said...

This holiday just gets more dream like by the second! JantheFan x

Pamela said...

Well done Nigel and so generous to treat the others.

Anonymous said... comment didn't come through...not sure why!....Dianne