Friday, 13 September 2013

Viva Last Vegas–Oh La La!

Nigel has been pestering us mahoooosively and robustly for days now to visit The Paris Hotel …..
Eifel cEifel z
…….. as he was absolutely desperate to go up the Eiffel Tower,
Paris…. so yesterday, we finally relented ….. and we went ….
Eifel 1….. let’s just say his petit visage was un picture ……..
eifel 4
  ……… and that the Tower and The Paris did not disappoint!
Eifel 11eifel 222
The view was just totally breath-taking ……. we could see Last Vegas from every direction, and all the people in the swimming pools that you can’t see from the ground! There was a very welcome light breeze at the top and an occasional wobble …… but it was WONDERFUL!
Eifel 6Paris 1
So wonderful and awe inspiring that Darrell’s hankie,  despite his being very much a  martyr to the odd nosebleed at the merest thought of a height ….. remained unused and forgotten in his pocket!
eifel qeifel 3
And as for romance ……. The Paris had it all …… Parisian walkways ….
Paris Street….. romantic street cafes and restaurants ……. trees, and lamp posts, metro signs and check table cloths …..
Eiffel 2 ….. all that was missing were a few pigeons and a couple of onion sellers!
Paris ToiletsAnd as for the “restrooms” …… as they call them in America ……
Paris Bowl 1Paris Bowl
…… oh mon dieu!!!!  C’est tres, tres bonne n’est pas?
Paris CeilingAnd the ceiling? Encore, oh mon dieu et mon droit a la rive gauche!!!
P1110231It also had our favourite reception area so far ….. with beautiful, beautiful “real” chandeliers that sparkled like diamonds.  If we ever came back to Last Vegas,  The Paris and The Venetian would definitely be our hotels of choice to stay! 
EifelAnd…..  if we could have one wish after our first week or so in Last Vegas ….. it would be to be asked back to stay in a bedroom/suite in each of the hotels and do one of our famous and considered revue reviews on each one ……..  wouldn’t that be so formidable!!!


Anonymous said...

Naturally Vegas would not recreate Venice and forget Paris! Mon Dieu, non! Everything is fair game when it comes to creating opulence and stone is left unturned....I know your unbiased reviews of the Vegas hotels would be of great value to everyone interested in the Las Vegas experience! Wonderful opportunity and you do have the necessary experience and an impressive portfolio to prove the quality of your reviews.....Dianne

Anonymous said...

PS sooo mahoosively wonderful Darrell's vertigo isn't causing a problem for him.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Did any Las Vegas Showgirls do the can can? Ooh la la.
The ceiling looks like to one in Galleries Lafayette in Paris, which is a bit like a French version of Harrods.

I hope the baguettes were tasty. I wonder if Nigel now wants to visit gay Paree.

marc said...

Rick just came back from Paris yesterday he had to go out there for two days to do a show your Paris looks much warmer than the real one does at the mo big love marc

Pamela said...

Oh that hotel! I'd never get the opportunity to see these things in RL so thank you boys for sharing the photos.