Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Viva Last Vegas–Trip of a Lifetime

OMG, OMG, OMG ……. yesterday we went to the Grand Canyon ….. OMG, OMG, OMG …… it was a day like no other and a day we will never see again!
GC 111It was all tooooo WONDERFUL for words ….. and we are so sorry but our pictures just do not do it justice …… they really don’t.
gc mgca12
Just getting there was such an adventure in itself because, to get there we decided to go by airplane …………… how robustly exciting was that?
We have to admit to being a little nervous as the plane was probably smaller than our village Banga Bus ….. and the mention of sick bags by the pilot had Nigel turning very green around the gills before we had even taken off ….
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But once in the air ….. and earphones on,  it was totally exhilarating and dare we say,  a lot less bumpy than the aforementioned Banga Bus, and with Celine Dion singing the theme to Titanic down Nigel’s ear, his green gills soon disappeared.
gc45tGC 1
We have had some spine-tingling experiences before …… but this really does take the biscuit …… and gave us all a taste for more small plane flying.
….. And of course ….. for Nigel all Mondays dreams of being a dolphin pool attendant rapidly disappeared as a totally entranced Nigel went all googly eyed at our lady pilot …… and announced that he would to “earn his wings” and to quote the song “……. nothing was gonna stop him now!”
…… and all this before we had even landed!
gc 67But ………… when we did …… OMG ……
gc45Words can not tell you how mahoooooooooooooosively mahooooosive it all was, we were absolutely lost for words …..
……… and needed to wander a little way from the crowds (but not too near the edge), to be on our own …… (with our packed lunch), and ponder the true enormity of where we were ……
gc55….. without pinching ourselves too hard……. it was so overwhelming.
gc bbThe silence and peacefulness struck us first and we tried with all our hearts to embrace the moment, drinking in all the wonderment. Watching as the clouds cast shadows across the canyon which constantly changed the mood of the view …… we were somewhere truly magical and spiritual.
gc 123In some ways it was almost mahooooosive to take in …… it was like looking a giant changing canvas, where we lost all idea of perspective. GC22Perhaps we shouldn’t even try to find the words …… but let our silence and awe do the talking!
GC34Andy has been constantly in our thoughts on this holiday of a lifetime holiday ….. because it was what he had promised and planned for 2014 …….
…. we have felt so sad that he hasn’t been with us to see all the things he dreamt of seeing with us but then Nigel pondered thoughtfully ….. “If Andy is now in heaven, he can go anywhere he wants ….. and who’s to say he hasn’t actually beaten us to it, and bought the t-shirt, mug, key ring and shopping bag!”  What is he like?
Just a perfect day
You made me forget myself
I thought I was someone else
Someone good


Mr.D said...

It just keeps on getting better and better.
I'm sure Andy was there by your side right the way through.
Did you drink sangría in the park?
What a perfect day. We are all hanging on to your every blog.

Anonymous said...

Much majesty to the beauty and spirit of this incomparable wonder.....what a memory you will have of this special place that lives up to it's name of being magnificently Grand and the experience of being there...... dear Nigel may be close to overload on career possibilities, but his wisdom is intact......he understands Andy would near to all of you......the pictures are wonderful.....Dianne

Frenchie said...

Andy was/is watching down on all your adventures for sure!!!! How exciting is the Grand Canyon! x

Pamela said...

You certainly are having a trip of a lifetime. Your photos are helping us to 'be there' with you all. Thanks for sharing.