Thursday, 19 September 2013

Viva Las Vegas–Nigel Enters Two Time Zones …..

Yesterday, we went on a coach trip and a guided tour of the Hoover Dam …..  now we have to be robustly and frankly honest, as is our want, and confess that much of it went RIGHT over our heads ……!!
hjoover Dam 12We went into the very  bowls bowels of the earth, which was a very welcome diversion, as it was so cool down there,  compared to the blistering heat of outside,  which had caused us to perspire in a very unromantic and unflattering manner.  We nodded politely to all the information that was proffered by our guide, trying to look as if we were absorbing something  ….. but we are humble confectionary aficionados and not really “generators and a 30-foot-diameter pipe inside one of the four diversion tunnels” people …..
hoover Hoover 23
Having said that, we wouldn’t have missed it for the world,  just the mahoooosive size and man made majesty of it all had us shivering in awe and wonder …..
Hoover DamHoover ghj
Both Darrell and I were waiting for Nigel to announce that he wanted to train be the man who switched the switches on or off  or had the power to release the water ….. but no, he just pondered as to if anyone had ever done a bungee jump from the road bridge above into the dam!
Hoover cvbHowever, being able to be in two different time zones on the dam at the same time absolutely beguiled the little fella ….. who insisted on standing right bang in the middle of them both,  with one half his body in Arizona Time ……
Hoover bnm
…… and the other in Nevada Time …..
Hoover xc  …… which he said gave him the strange, woozy, lost between dimensions type feeling, not akin to being a benign Time Lord …..
Hoover zWhat is he like?
Hoover 45


Mr.D said...

What a magnificent erection.
I'm sure at least TtS and I would like it too.

Anonymous said...

It is a true man made wonder and keeps those bright city lights beaming out into the night; I have heard it said you can see Vegas from space.......hard to believe it was possible to build..... mahoooosively tall, isn't it? Time Lord Nigel? Well almost for a few minutes anyway, but you never know! just a little tidbit, but Phoenix Arizona was still 107 degrees the other day!.....Dianne

marc said...

I think I have today as well big love marc

Pamela said...

Only Nigel could come up with that comment LOL!