Monday, 16 September 2013

Viva Last Vegas– Nigel’s Confectionary Establishment of Choice

OMG ……. there is confectionary abound everywhere in Last Vegas ….. and we have been doing our level best to try just a few morsels each day … but it is a losing battle and we may have to up our consumption quite considerably before we leave in order to say we have sampled it all!conf aNigel’s confectionary establishment of choice is the Sugar Factory at The Paris Hotel, and where he can be found,  when we can’t find him!
sugar factory Las VegasHowever, we have had to keep a very tight rein on his retail activities because the aforementioned Sugar Factory isn’t the cheapest place in the world.
storeimage-3Darrell usually goes to check up on him before he gets to the weigh in, but as a ball park figure we have told him to keep to just 10 to 12 sweeties per visit  to avoid the embarrassment of not having enough dollars for his much considered purchase, as happened on his first visit!
conf eeThe choice is mahooooosively mahooooosive, we have never seen so many jelly beans and gummi things ever!
conf rrAnd it has been the names of some of the confectionary delicacies that have had Nigel and Darrell in fits of boyish laughter …… asking each other if they would like a ………….. fairy fart …… or two  …….confec 3333…….. or a blow pop!!! 
conf wconf sss
For me, the joke wore thin after about the tenth time of being offered a fairy fart/blow pop amidst great splutters and guffaws, sniggers and giggles, not that they would have noticed!confectionary cbcbcThere is also an M & M’s World in Vegas ….. but Darrell being a bit of an aficionado was unimpressed, saying he thought the one in London was much better ….. and …… although all the M & Ms look very pretty in their many hundreds of colours …… they still do not stock our M & M’s of choice ….. the peanut butter variety!!!  So,  no considered purchase completed here then!!
More confectionary to follow ……


Mr.D said...

You will need to put an extra notch or two in your belt when you return.

marc said...

HA HA HA HA the names made me laugh big smiley love marc

Anonymous said...

That's enough sugar to keep Darrell and Nigel going at full speed for prepared, you know those fun names won't be forgotten!.....between the buffets and confectionary, it would help if Las Vegas has magic calories that evaporate in the heat and disappear!....Dianne

Pamela said...

I'd be behind Nigel in the queue as I love sweeties!

Bee and Dee said...

Sounds like you are really enjoying your time in Vegas, and I love the idea of fairy fart sweets LOL