Sunday, 15 September 2013

Viva Last Vegas – The Real Monkeys of Hollywood????

Hollywood signOMG, OMG, OMG …….. we’ve made it to Hollywood, be it on a very whistle stop trip
Hollywood Hollywood 2
…….. and if you’d care to look over our right shoulders the white blur on the hill is the Hollywood sign!!!!
P1120060Hollywood 3...
To say we were totally and utterly star struck and overcome would be a mahoooosive understatement, and robust self pinching and the pinching of each other ensued not for the first time …...
Hoolywood B….. just to make sure we really were in HOLLYWOOD ….. OMG!
Hollywood Hollywood BoulavardHollywood 4
We have to admit our pictures are few and far between (above left: me in Hollywood Boulevard!!!!) and NOT the best,  due to our mahoooooosive excitement and looking for Simon Cowell …. just in case we had the opportunity to show him that we had “Talent” and “The X Factor” and that perhaps he could use his celebrity wiles to persuade us to stay in the US a little longer to see if our potential could be further explorerated!!
Hollywood Chinese Theatre

sunset boulavard

At the Chinese Theatre we looked everywhere for John Wayne’s footprints …… but sadly we couldn’t find them ….
Hollywood FrankHollywood Johnny
….. and made do with ohhhing and ahhhing at Frank Sinatra’s, Clint Eastwood’s and Johnny Deppe’s ……
…….. dreaming that one day perhaps we would be asked for our foot and handprints ……
hollywood 2h
….. and people would come to look for our star …..
Hollywood starorange
Sadly, we didn’t bump into the aforementioned Mr. Cowell but as we had made some business cards before we left the UK, we scattered them with profuse abundance ….. in phone boxes, restrooms and on restaurant tables …. just in case……..
DSCF3207It was another wonderful, wonderful day, we even got to drive past the cemetery Michael Jackson is buried and drive down Rodeo Drive, looking at all the posh shops where you have to make an appointment just to go in  …… a day we will never forget which was sadly over far too quickly ….. but we had another five hour drive back to Last Vegas. Nigel and Darrell were soon fast asleep in the back of the bus …… no doubt dreaming of where they wanted their stars to be ……. paddling in the Specific as Nigel called it ….. and wondering what had happened to Simon Cowell!


Pamela said...

You're certainly making the most of this holiday and you'll never have another that's quite so amazing. Trip of a life time it most certainly is!

marc said...

he was most probably to shy to meet such massivo stars as you are he was most prob looking at you from a far disguised as one of the lookie likee movie star peps that were hanging around big show biz wave Hugh ps did you find my name and hand prints

Anonymous said...

Unforgettable Hollywood memories for certain.....because John Wayne is an iconic legend, perhaps his handprints had to be removed to a more secure area...they were on display at one time.....the elusive Mr. Cowell may have been observing from afar just like Marc and Hugh said; after all they have inside showbiz info.....but the impressive plan B was brilliant! After all, as you have quoted "you have to have a dream to make a dream come true!" Dream on, we are all pulling for you and those dreams! Can hardly wait for the next adventure....isn't the Specific wonderful?....Dianne

Mr.D said...

If I wrote my name and stood in wet cement, the builders would get upset.
John Wayne does it and everyone wants to see it.
Another outstanding day.