Sunday, 1 September 2013

Viva Last Vegas–Our Bijou And Quaint Hotel –The Luxor

lux 3lux 2Luxor
Where do I start?  Well, we are in Room 20138 on the 20th floor of the Luxor Hotel near the end of the “Vegas Strip” …… and when we look out of our room window we are directly behind the Sphincters Sphinx's head……
bThe Luxor is mahooooooooooooooosive! We just can’t describe just how mahooooooooooooooosive it is.  There is even another mahooooooooooooooosive pyramid inside, plus giant Egyptian statues and other stuff of an Egyptian type nature plus other buildings, which in normal life would be huge, but in the Luxor they are just dwarfed. It is almost too out of our norm to get our heads round, it’s all totally out of perspective, but somehow it also feels normal!
luxor viwe downLuxor.....
We tried to put a towel on the ledge outside our room to show where our room is ….. but in all the mahooooooooooooooooooosiveness it just disappeared, so we have had to put an arrow instead to say “we are here”.  When we look down from outside our room people just look like  little ants ….. Darrell is usually a martyr to his vertigo, but in all his excitement he seems to have undergone a miraculous cure!
Luxor Hotel......…. Also inside the Luxor there are lots of shops, lots of bars, lots of restaurants, a night club, a Titanic exhibition of Titanic artefacts, plus “proper” shows in the proper theatre …… as well as a mahooooooooooosive casino …… the reception area alone must be the size of a football pitch!!!  
lux dfLux 456
AND ….. there is even a 24 hour McDonald’s in the mahoooooosive Food Court, so we have all resolved to have a Big Mac in bed one night …..…… just because we can!!
Lux cccLux ss
  It is JUST TOO EXCITING ……. everything we dreamed of but a million billion times more …….
room 1room 2
And our room …….. ? That’s mahooooooooooooooosive too …… our beds are so huge Darrell has lost Nigel several times already!
room 1room 34room
There are even ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics on the wardrobes and bedheads which Darrell is determined to decipher before we leave!
The tele is also mahooooooooooooooosive, we can watch all of our favourite American programmes like America’s Got Talent BUT really in America and at exactly the same time as real Americans are watching it  ………  PLUS …….  we can watch it from the comfort our aforementioned  mahooooooooooooooosive beds ….. how BRILLIANT is that?
……. AND we have hardly been outside yet, only popping out to see the famous Last Vegas sign ……. I have a spooky Derek Acorah/Tutankhamen type feeling that the overwhelming awe and wonder of our hotel will just be the tiniest tip of our Last Vegas Holiday of a Lifetime Holiday experience  …… and I need to prepare Darrell and Nigel to have their minds blown and their socks blown off!!!


Mr.D said...

Wow. Amazing. I suspect it is bigger than the pyramid in Giza.
Your Luxor looks luxurious and the Sphinx looks enigmatic.

Anonymous said...

It's just ott omg! Just loving it! JantheFan x

Pamela said...

Oh My! That hotel/room is amazing! How will you ever come down to earth again boys? I'm sure Darrell has already noticed the room number is the year and month of your trip.

Anonymous said...

One thing for certain about Vegas, "normal" is left at the airport and all perspective changes drastically when one is on the ground.....this is soooo mahoosively exciting for all of us! Not unusual for things to go 24/7 in the US looking forward to hearing about every moment.....Love this big excitement Viva Las Vegas style!....Dianne

Anonymous said...

PS I hope, hope you get to the Bellagio to see the indoor gardens, artwork, beautiful shops, etc.....Dianne