Sunday, 8 September 2013

Viva Outside Las Vegas ……

Yesterday was impossibly exciting because we ventured away from “The Strip” as we all wanted to embrace the desert and the hills and mountains that we can see in the distance from our room at the Luxor, and as such we booked a Pink Jeep tour to the Red Rock Canyon and the Mojave Desert.
Red Rock TripRed Rock Pink Jeep
We were picked up at 8.00 on the dot by Tom our Guide  ….. and our wonderful adventure began.
Red Rock 2......Red Rock 2.
What can we say …… well, it was HOT, a HOT like nothing we have ever experienced before, just five minutes out of the shade, and there wasn’t much of that,  left us parched and sweating most unromantically.
Red Rock 3,,,,,,Red Rock 3
The next thing that struck us was the silence …….. there wasn’t a single sound …… just our voices ….. oooooooing, and ahhhhhhing and OMG-ing"!
Red Rock 4Red Rock 4...
It all took our breath away …….
Red Rock 9Red Rock 6
It was sooooooooooo stunningly beautiful ……
red rock hand prints….. and magical, especially when Tom took us to see some ancient pictographs of red hand prints made by Native American Indians several thousand years ago in the rock …… it was another one of our now frequent awe and wonder moments.
red rock 3
Our pictures do not do justice to the stunning views, and it’s almost impossible to give an impression of the scale of things, hills and rocks that look quite small and inconsequential were actually mahoooooooosively mahooooooosive.
Red Rock ared rock c
We saw little lizards,  one of which Nigel was desperate to catch and take back to our hotel room, the cutest desert squirrels and road crossing signs for tortoises, but sadly no tortoises and more fortuitously no snakes, of which Tom told us are many!
Red Rock Trip 1Red Rock
It was a totally unforgettable trip, ending with a very exciting bit of “off roading” that we all very much enjoyed, bumps and all  …….. and we made a little film.....

We all agreed the trip had given us a real thirst for more exploring  ……. of which more later!


Mr.D said...

This looks great. It looks like you went to the moon.
It certainly is one pink jeep too.
Feeling hot hot hot?

Pamela said...

Another wonderful episode in the Holiday of a Lifetime. Such stunning scenery and loved the short video.

Anonymous said...

Just loving it all. JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

the sheer scale of the west is one of it's wonders......even more fascinating when you realize about 400 plus miles to the west is gorgeous Lake Tahoe where you are over a mile high in the Sierra Nevada mountains and about another 400 miles to the east are the Bonneville salt flats...all are sights to devoted readers are loving these wonderful pictures and so happy you are having this special holiday....loving every minute of reading about this adventure.....Dianne