Saturday, 21 September 2013

Viva Last Vegas–Toot Toot ……All Aboard!

paddle steamerYesterday,  we forsook the pleasures of Last Vegas to partake in the very different pleasures of a trip on Lake Mead, on a real live paddle steamer, which was sooooooo exciting.  Even though I told Darrell that I didn’t think we would encounter  much turbulence on the lake he still insisted on taking a couple of his pills as a precaution as he is a martyr to his sea sickness and didn’t want to spoil our day.
lake meadHowever, before we weighed anchor, our guide suggested that we might like to pop into the shop to purchase a bag of freshly popped popcorn as the fish in the lake were rather partial to it …..
mead 1….  Well, Nigel had his small change out and disappeared before you could even say “One bag of popcorn por pavor!”
lake mead fishOMG ….. when he returned, popcorn in hand and starting throwing pieces into the water it was like something that we have NEVER seen before…… out of nowhere appeared hundreds and hundreds of mahooooooosive and ravenous fish ……
Lake mead turtle….. and a real live turtle ….. all intent on consuming Nigel’s considered purchase!
MeadIt was a mad piscatorial feeding frenzy, if they had been piranhas we would have been done for!!! 
Mead 333mead 2
We could have just stayed all day just feeding and watching but a loud toot from the steamers whistle was our signal to board ship and splice the main brace
Mead 345It was so mahoooosively romantic, it made us all come over all Southern Belle!
mead 34And although it was blisteringly hot we all decided that we would rather sit at the front of the steamer to embrace the scenery and whole experience than sit inside …… tempting though the cocktail menu was!
mead sNigel, not surprisingly, came over all whimsical …. and pondered aloud as to what GCSE’s he would need to be the seafaring paddle steamer captain affording safe passage on a lake in Last Vegas ……. AND how many bags of popcorn he would have to buy and feed to the fish before they got bored or full …….
P1110801….. AND if we would let him have a smallish turtle in the pond in our garden when we got home ?????  What is he like?


Mr.D said...

Did you see the turtle's head?
Did you come over all "Gone with the wind?"
I love popcorn so I think I would have eaten more than I threw.

Anonymous said...

Nigel needed a captain's hat to add to this riverboat experience! What a fun water adventure on this beautiful lake.....didn't know fish liked popcorn, but Wow! maybe they were specially happy dear Nigel was feeding them....wish it had been cooler for you as you enjoyed another romantic adventure to remember......Nigel looks so happy........mahoosive fun reading about all this.....Dianne

marc said...

Heave that bail tow that line old man river he just keep mossing along o to be a southern bell big love marc

Mr.D said...

You had me thinking of Paul Robeson. I like very much Robeson singing "Joe Hill."