Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Viva Last Vegas ….. Number One Destination ...... The Bellagio

The Bellagio was on the top of our list of hotels to visit ….. so we made it our first port of call …… OMG …… it DID NOT disappoint!
Bellagio 1Bellagio 2
We have never seen anything like it ….. it was absolutely wondrous,  it very nearly consumed all of our awe and wonder quota for the day ……
Bellagio 5bellagio Chocolate Fountain
Above: an ordinary corridor in The Bellagio and the world’s largest chocolate fountain!!
…… Can you believe that in the middle of the hotel they have a Conservatory and a Botanical Gardens, with greenhouses, a windmill, a lighthouse ….. giant birds, snails and flowers ….. it took our breath away!
The Bellagio is so posh we are almost tempted to “suggest” that it may even be posher than our own beloved Queen’s residence;  Buckingham Palace ….. minus the world’s largest chocolate fountain!
Bellagio 1The ceiling in the lobby is decorated with hundreds and hundreds of huge glass flowers, it was sooooooooo beautiful …. if we may quote from the website,  as we cannot find words to describe it ……..
The lobby is, in a word, grand, both in scale and in design. Above the 18-foot ceiling is a coffer filled with the most extraordinary glass sculpture, a chandelier called Fiori di Como by glass sculptor Dale Chihuly, whose work has been exhibited in every major museum in the world. This stunning piece is comprised of 2,000 hand-blown glass blossoms.”
BellagioWe looked in the shops to see if we could perhaps make a considered purchase ….. but it was a case of,  if you had to ask the price,  you couldn’t afford it …..
Bellagio 4….. as was the case with this very lovely and romantic chaise lounge….. which afforded me a very sumptuous,  if brief Last Vegas Lounging Experience in the most salubrious of surroundings.
Bellagio Fountains 1Bellagio Fountains 2
The Bellagio is famed for it’s fountains which are choreographed to light and music and our exit from the hotel was timed to perfection for the first show of the day. We had saved some copper coins that we think were scents cents, especially to throw into the fountains to make a wish for all the special people in our lives …… Marc and Hugh, Mr D, Dianne, Tom and The Lovely Laura and Jan the Fan ……
100_0150…… and we got shivers down our spines when the music they started to play was “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, which is the song Andy named “our” Lucy after …… AND a rainbow appeared …… we all got very emotional in a Last Vegas, holiday of a lifetime holiday type way
Our pictures do no justice at all to the spectacle unveiled before us ….. and seeing them in the daytime, we are told,  is nothing compared seeing to the show in the evening when it is dark ….. so we promised ourselves that we “would return” ………. to embrace the whole Bellagio experience again ……..but under the stars and neon lights.


Mr.D said...

Amazing. Incredible.
With the cushions, is that London Lounging in Las Vegas or simply Las Vegas lounging?
Thanks for the coins in the fountain. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - how special.
The holiday just gets better and better.

Anonymous said...

I am sooo happy you got to experience the Bellagio....could it possibly have been more perfect to have a rainbow and Lucy in the Sky serenading you? What a special memory! I think I would have had lots of moisture in the eyes.... Hope the dancing water offered a cool image in that Vegas heat!.....Hoping every moment was wondrous and special in this Las Vegas dream......Glad you got to see the Bellagio shops..mahoosive luxury with mahoosive prices!.....Dianne

Pamela said...

An amazing hotel - love that ceiling décor, reminded me of 'Mum's' doodles that she does. What a spine chilling thing to happen when the fountains started.

Anonymous said...

I am speechless as I watch this wonderful Las Vegas experience unfold before my eyes. I am thrilled to have been a tiny part of it. JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Wow how wonderful.
Another fantastic day.
The holiday of two lifetimes.
Have you met any Italians called Don? Maybe Don Corleone.

YorkshireKaren said...

Ooh, that rainbow and Lucy's song made me have shivers down my spine, how magical for you. I'm sure Andy must have had a hand in it, it must be so wonderful to think he was part of your special holiday xx