Thursday, 5 September 2013

Only In Last Vegas!

Darrell and Nigel were up with the lark this morning to book our safe passage to Hollywood …… just in case, despite Nigel’s winnings being safely secured in our room safe, it still turned out to be a dream when we woke up.
Builders BarThey seemed to have been gone for an absolute age, so when they arrived back, in  jubilant mood,  brandishing three tickets Hollywood bound, I was finally able to relax, however  I noticed that Nigel was proudly brandishing something else!
Darrell told me that after Nigel had so generously paid for our trip out of his much aforementioned winnings there was still a few dollars left and Nigel remembered something that he has set his heart on in Walgreen’s,  that he had promised himself he would go back for before we went home ……. to wit, one chocolate peanut butter “Builder’s Bar”! He told Darrell that he planned to proffer it to the workman with the kindest face when we got back to work.  He said that it was part of his cunning plan,  if this didn’t assure him certain entry into the workman’s innermost sanctum, Nigel’s Holy Grail, the builders hut for a mug of tea that he could stand his spoon up in and a hob nob or even a chunk of  Yorkie Bar, ……  then nothing would   ……what is he like???  Bless Him.


marc said...

You re having such a fab time its all so magical big love marc

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an excellent can't fail sort of cunning plan! The bright lights of Vegas haven't slowed down Nigel's brain one is still going full tilt!.....Dianne

Pamela said...

Do you think Nigel will be able to resist eating the bar before he boards the plane home? LOL!

Mr.D said...

That bar is huge compared to Nigel. Could he eat a whole one?