Monday, 2 September 2013

Viva Last Vegas ….. Catching The Bus And Nigel’s First American Cuisine Experience.

Yesterday we ventured onto “The Strip” for the first time via the Last Vegas Deuce Bus which was soooooo unbelievably exciting.  For eight dollars we can travel anywhere on  the strip for 24 hours, so we had planned LOTS of getting on and offs, however we hadn’t anticipated the heat! OMG, it’s HOT, HOT,  HOT ….. even when there is a breeze .….  as Darrell described so succinctly, it’s like being blown by a giant hairdryer on full heat! We have never experienced heat like it ….. and now Darrell is worrying that the dryness will play havoc with his complexion!
bus  stopmmmThe bus stop, which is very romantic,  is right opposite our hotel ….. however we can’t just cross over the road to get to it, we have to walk quite a way up the road to cross at a proper crossing, …. if we had attempted to cross it willy nilly, (which would be impossible anyway as it is sooooo mahoooosiveley wide and busy ), we would have been charged with a “felony” and “incarcerated”  for something called “jay walking” and we didn’t want that on our first proper day out and about.  However,  it took us quite a while to do all this because of the aforementioned heat …. as we had to make frequent stops to “take on water” and wipe brows.
bus 1Bus Las Vegas Bus 1bus 41
However once on board the bus we were greeted by the wonderful air con and our dehydrated systems had a chance to recover.
bus 1234bus 3456bus 456
The best seats on the bus are upstairs, right at the front where you get the best view ….. we became a sort of free commentary service for all the other passengers as we squealed out the names of all the famous hotels and casinos we had read about ….. although quite a few did ask us if we were Australian??!!
Bus Las Vegas Bus3We decided to stay on the bus right to the very end, getting off at Fremont Street ….. which is now Old Las Vegas …. I’m afraid by this time I’d had to change my shirt due to my embarrassingly robust perspiration ….. however I felt much better for it.
Bus Las Vegas Bus 4 QueensWe decided to have a drink at the world famous 4 Queens Casino, which was on the front of our guide book,  it gave us such a tingle to think we were really there, in real life,  after looking at it’s picture for almost a year …..  We quenched our mahooosive thirsts and watched, our eyes on stalks, three Elvis’s,  ….. just casually going about their daily business …..
Bus Las Vegas Bus 5And then …..
BusLas Vegas Bus.…… Nigel spotted a restaurant …..
Bus Las Vegas Bus 6…… specialising in American cuisine ….
Bus Las Vegas Bus deep fried Twinkies….. and then there was no doing with him ……
Nomming First Las Vegas Meal…… until he had “experienced” his first “proper” hot dog with EVERYTHING…….. it was just like watching the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar …….
Nomming Big Hot DogI think we may have to watch Nigel’s calorific consumption very carefully while we are in Last Vegas ….. there are way too many temptations!  We managed, somehow to dissuade him from attempting a deep fried Oreo, promising that we would return to Fremont Street at night, later in our holiday of a lifetime holiday to see the famous Fremont Street Experience with its 12.5 million lights and 550,000 watts of sound ……… and perhaps a deep fried Twinkie or Oreo or two!!!!


Mr.D said...

A little hotter than Wolverhampton. 99°F which is 37°C so the air conditioning in the bus is a great help.
When I was living in the UAE, the bus stops were also air conditioned. You could pop in to cool down. Mind you, it got up to 47°C which is almost 117°F.
How wonderful to see the cover of your guide book in real life.
If there were deep fried Mars bars on the menu, you could have been in Glasgow. I think they also deep fry pizza there.
Do you know what Las Vegas means?Seeing as you are there on the holiday of a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

I was very worried about the American west has it's own heat category! Yep, the mahoosive amount of food available is part of the Vegas legend.......the sheer number of lights is amazing in itself; but remember Hoover/Boulder dam isn't that far away with the ability to create mahoosively massive amounts of electricity.....looking forward to every moment of this as once again, you all make my day!....Dianne

Anonymous said...

PS Darrell. a sunscreen with a good moisturizer is a must......Now you know why the American western movies showed leathery faces on the cowboys!......Dianne

Pamela said...

Oh boys you sound as if you're having a great time - despite the heat! Watch that calorie in take though - Nigel might need bigger trousers when he returns home!