Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Viva Las Vegas–The Grass Is Not Always ……

…….. greener or actually grass!!!!!
out and about plastic grass…… As Darrell found out when he, rather unceremoniously, tripped up outside our hotel, The Luxor, after a particularly large and potent souvenir drink from The Paris Hotel, which, although made of ceramic fortuitously survived the fall ….. unlike Darrell’s pride!
plastic grass 1
It was on landing ….. that an amazed Darrell discovered that the grass wasn’t actually the lush green substance he thought it was ….. but was in fact rather rough astro turf … which chaffed rather more than the real thing!  Poor Darrell ….. that will teach him to indulge rather too enthusiastically!


Mr.D said...

At least the astroturf is better for the environment. There is a shortage of water in Las Vegas and astroturf does not need watering.
I used to play football (soccer) on astroturf and you mustn't slide tackle on it. It certainly chafes.

Anonymous said...

Oh my....hope Darrell's pride didn't suffer taking this tumble....I think Darrell is always going to approach most things enthusiastically!

Pamela said...

Good to hear the Paris souvenir survived the fall!

marc said...

The Brady Bunch Had Astro turf as well it must be just a special grass that just grows naturally in America big love marc