Thursday, 26 September 2013

Viva Last Vegas ….. Scaling The Heights

strat 5OMG,  yesterday we decided to “scale the highest heights” and go up The Stratosphere, all 1,149 feet high  or 100 storeys of it.  OMG it is seriously mahoooosively mahooosively high!
strat 009nnnnI was a little worried that our little sojourn might bring on one of Darrell’s height induced nose bleeds,  The Stratosphere being the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States …..
strat dar….. but Darrell was just too overwhelmed and occupied to even consider having an embarrassing nasal cavity malfunction on this occasion!
strat 3Strat 1
We will never ever, ever, ever  forget the view ……
P1110922…… we were as high as any of the helicopters that were circling all around us!!
strat 2strat 009
It was all too wonderful …… but even at this great height it was still sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT!!!  I know I look cool in these pictures ….. but oh my, my manly Lynx spray was seriously working overtime!
At the top of the aforementioned Stratosphere …… there are rides …. AND a bungee jump ….
strat 1234…. and needless to say Nigel was well up for all of them…..
Ride at the top of the Stratosphere300 Las Vegas, X-Scream auf dem Stratosphere Tower
But fortuitously  unfortunately the little fella failed to meet any of the statutory height and seat belt requirements due to his diminutive size……
strat nigOf course he was gutted, but looked at it philosophically saying  “Cheap thrills alone … doth not maketh man (nor monkey)!”  What is he like?
strat xDarrell came over a little whimsical too when he spotted a sign that said that 2,000 couples got engaged at the top of The Stratosphere each year ….. I knew I shouldn’t have sent him to the wedding chapel yesterday!!!


Mr.D said...

What amazing views.
Mahoosive indeed.
At that height, it isn't just nasal cavities that might malfunction!
Do they sell underwear at the top?

Anonymous said...

Dear Nigel's philosophical meanderings and wisdom won out again! WOW! so high for anyone with vertigo and Darrell's truly been a martyr on this holiday.....looks like you could say it's a bird's eye view; by chance did any birds fly by?....Darrell's romantic interest may just be waiting to meet him in the utmost romantic place possible......Dianne

Anonymous said...

PS the thought of rides and a bungee jump that high up is just too much and has my head spinning!...Dianne

Pamela said...

I'm with Dianne! Can't even contemplate the rides and bungee jump! What amazing views! Another experience of a lifetime!