Friday, 20 September 2013

Viva Las Vegas–We LOVE Complimentary Bath Products!

As you know we are very fond of a complimentary bath product  ….. Now,  to be honest and frankly frank,  the shower gel, shampoo and body lotion at The Luxor are nothing to write home about ….. with a very disappointing none appearance of the bonnet de douche, which Darrell has a  particular penchant for snaffling.
Hotel ComplimentaryHowever, The Luxor redeems itself, with, in our opinion, the crown jewel of themed aforementioned complimentary bath products… ….. to wit a mini Luxor pyramid shaped soap, of which, one appears each day in the soap dish chez our en-suite.
Hotel Complimentary LuxorWhen we return to our room after a day of embracing the pleasures of Las Vegas we check that a new one has indeed been left and then secrete it in one of our drawers, we have quite a collection now ……. as we think that they will make most excellent, authentic and economical gifts for our friends when we return home …..
Hotel Complimentary Luxor ….. especially if we should recklessly fritter away our dollars on the machines and roulette table after one too many heady and potent Las Vegas slush puppy type cocktails!!


Mr.D said...

Great soap shape. As used by the Pharaohs? As not used by Cleopatra nor Liz Taylor who supposedly used asses' milk.

Anonymous said...

Do love complimentary hotel products......that is disappointing about the bonnet de douche.....perhaps the hotel needs to get on the ball and learn that bath caps might be desired by some of their guests........quite a collection you have!.....Dianne