Sunday, 22 September 2013

Viva Last Vegas–Being Real Americans For Just A While……

Last Vegas has many pleasures, but yesterday we decided to take a  short taxi ride from The Strip,  asking the taxi driver to take us to a typical Last Vegas supermarket, where we could shop like real Americans,  doing their weekly shop ….. so he took us to the nearest Walmart …..
noming 55OMG ….. the size of their melons made our eyes water ……. they were mahoooosively mahooosive!  In fact we lost Nigel in them for at least half an hour!!!
Confectionary Las Vegas.....As “Candy” as they call it in the US, aficionados, and renowned reviewers of the same we were most anxious to see for ourselves all the confectionary we had seen in films and on TV up close and personal and also to make a few considered purchases for the sampling there of!
conf 12fNaturally,  Darrell went out of his way to find candy with names that caused him robust amusement …… like Dum Dums ….. suggesting that they should be Nigel’s candy of choice!!!
confP1110726Whereas he thought his candy of aforementioned choice should obviously be Smarties ….. however these were not Smarties as we know them, not candy coated chocolate beans ….. these were more like Fizzers, which for the uninitiated could be very confusing!
smarties.smarties ...
        American Smarties                           English Smarties …..
English Fizzers
It’s very easy to see how international confectionary confusion could ensue and cause potential mayhem  ….. but vive la difference, as the saying goes and  “When in the U.S,  do as the USians do!”
confectionaryThe choice, even for us hardened confectionateers was overwhelming ,  as were the size of some of the packets ……….
Confectionary trolleyHowever, we did manage to fill a bijou trolleyette with an ample sufficiency of well considered purchases!!!!
nomming 222Nigel cast his net of interest  a little wider ……
nomming jello……. as he was desperate to see real live Jell-o …. it did not disappoint!
Confectionary Las Vegas…… And some things just left him floored with awe and wonder, like jumbo frosted Honey Buns ……. however,  I shall refrain from telling you what Nigel actually described them as looking like!nomming 333Then there were Bear Claws ……
Nomming n…… Kimberley Cakes …..
Nomming...m……. and very brightly (I would call it garish) coloured birthday cakes, which would appeal to a young monkey whose birthday it wasn’t.
Disney BedroomHe then wandered a little way and discovered the Disney paint pots and declared that when we got home he wanted his bedroom to be painted in EVERY Disney colour ……. no doubt to match his non birthday cake!
nomming checkoutAll in all it was a very interesting experience ….. something we never dreamt we would ever have the opportunity of doing …. to shop as real Americans shop! It took quite a while for us to get through the checkout, what with our considered purchases  and everyone telling us how much they loved our cute Australian accents ……….. Happy Days!!!


Mr.D said...

A great rack of melons.
We ate lots of salt water taffy in Washington DC.
Looking at all the food in the supermarket and in the restaurants, is it any surprise that the USA (and Mexico) are the most obese in the world?
We have Walmart here. There aren't strict copyright laws in Mexico so we also have Waldo's Mart. I doubt you could get away with that in Las Vegas.

Pamela said...

What a selection of goodies! Perhaps I should have had my breakfast before reading this!

marc said...

LOL at Mr Ds post love it copyright does that not mean just the right to copy you boys were in sugar colour heaven talk about somewhere over the rainbow you were there big love marc

Anonymous said...

Glad you got to see a US Wal Mart but ao wish you had been able to see some of the supermarkets that have dedicated fans...stores like Trader Joe's (wonderful super great company), Wegman's in the mid-Atlantic states (they have everything..multiple cheese departments..100's of fancy cheeses, take out fesh cooked soups, meals, etc. ..LOVE that place)..... and in the Florida-Georgia area it is Publix that is the favourite (we are dedicated Publix shoppers)......understand UK ASDA is owned by Wal Mart...watermelons can even be bigger than those!....Love every moment of your US holiday......Dianne

Bee and Dee said...

Walmart is great fun to shop at, we had real fun when we we where in Wisconsin. We did get actually smarties but minus the blue ones, and they called milky ways mars bars. I have really enjoyed reading about your travels in the USA , thank you for sharing. Hugs Bee