Friday, 6 September 2013

Viva Last Vegas–We Could Almost Be In Venice … If We Didn’t Know Any Better!

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OMG, OMG, OMG …… Yesterday we decided to go to The Venetian as it was another MUST on our MUST go see list …… I am afraid, as with much of our holiday of a lifetime holiday so far  …..
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…… we were all reduced to just uttering OMG, OMG, for the first hour or so …..  as you can no doubt see from Nigel’s expression in the picture above.
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It absolutely took our breath away …. outside it looked, (if you didn’t know we were actually in Last Vegas), as though we were in Venice ………with its Rialto Bridge, canals with real gondolas and gondoliers, fountains and columns .....
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..... and inside OMG was just the same,  with St. Mark’s Square …… and “real” street with bridges and balconies, street lamps and stripy poles, AND a ceiling ……. that just  looked like blue sky.
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We could have had a gondola ride with a a gondolier serenading us with a few choice verses of “Just one cornetto” ……. with a little female company it would have been very romantic, but with three red bloodied male monkeys,  it would just have been wrong ……. !
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As well as the azure blue canals there was a mahoooooosive waterfall ……
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……. that just made us stand and marvel open mouthed. This is excess on a mahooooosive scale and again with shops where if you have to ask the price .... you probably can't afford it!!
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Nigel’s awe and wonder was off the Richter scale for awe and wonder!  Staying at a Premier Inn or Travel Lodge will never be the same again!

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As Nigel had treated us to a trip to Hollywood,  Darrell and I decided to treat him to a “posh” meal in one of the “canal side” restaurants,  so that he could have a really close view of the gondolas and hear what they were singing …… however, once seated Darrell and I realised that the menu and pricing there of could leave us a little financially embarrassed, if Nigel decided to “fill his boots” …… so we sat on our tightly crossed fingers as Nigel robustly perused the menu,  telling him that he could have anything he wanted, and not worry about the cost  …………… 

OMG, the inward sigh of relief from both of us was both palpable and tangible when Nigel announced that though the menu was indeed tempting, he thought perhaps he would only avail himself of a few chips and a selection of dips and a coke as he was still rather full from his ample buffet breakfast at our hotel  ….. oh my .... both Darrell and I could have kissed him!


Mr.D said...

Good old Nigel.
How do you make a Venetian blind?
How do you make a Maltese cross?
How do you make a Swiss roll?
You are seeing all these places I have only seen on television.
The holiday of two lifetimes.

Anonymous said...

I have very little to say on the Las Vegas trip - I am just letting the awe and wonder take place. You are taking me to places I know I'll never experience. JantheFan x

Pamela said...

I'm green with envy! You're having an amazing trip that you'll never forget.

marc said...

its all so magical its like a world tour but in one place big love marc

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt, Vegas being Vegas, they would have Venice, too....they leave no experience undone.....soo happy you are seeing the amazing ideas of the Vegas planners and builders...if it can be thought of, they accomplish it!...Dianne