Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Las Vegas Lounging

London Lounging Cosmopolitan HotelAfter a few very hectic days,  and girding our loins in preparation for a couple more big trips in the next day or two,  we decided to take it easy yesterday with a little Las Vegas Lounging ……
Cosmopolitan…. first amidst the opulence of The Chandelier Bar at the The Cosmopolitan Hotel,  whilst partaking in a few very cheeky and tres, tres cher  mid morning cocktails …….  To quote from the hotel website …. “With every detail carefully considered, this sophisticated cocktail haven offers fine, hand-crafted delights for the true experience seeker” which just about sums us up very succinctly !London Lounging Las Vegas StyleOMG, we have never seen such a gay and ample abundance of genuine Swarovski crystal dangling from every conceivable corner, angle and crevice.
060We have always been bought up not to touch ……
….. but we just couldn’t help ourselves on this occasion…..
chandalier….. and even let Nigel get away with biting the odd strand or two just to make sure they were “really real” as we walked around, such was our awe and wonder.
London Lounging Las Vegas Style Cosmopolitan StyleLas Vegas Lounging Cosmo
Oh yes …… the much aforementioned Cosmopolitan offered us much that we could robustly get used to, so it was sensible then that we should head back to our room at The Luxor ….
lounging 1lounging 3
….. where our mahoooosive beds and ample sufficiency of pillows and cushions also offered us a pleasurable Las Vegas Lounging experience, and within the privacy of our own room.
lounging 45lounging l
Our particular favourites are two very long  green and brown covered rolls on which we can gently rock from side to side ……. and which also double up as most  excellent mahooosive  jousting poles when Darrell and Nigel become ….. erm … playful and rambunctious!
lounging mWhat are we like?
And the restrooms at the Cosmopolitan ……?
051They did not disappoint, but you did need sunglasses to enter them!!!


Mr.D said...

Have you become lounge lizards?
Are you being paid by the Las Vegas tourist board? Because you are making everyone want to go there with your holiday of a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Just the ticket to take time to enjoy some Las Vegas Lounging.....after all, you are now international Loungers par excellence! You do know how to enjoy the glamour and sparkle that is all around in Vegas! How beautiful.....The Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan offers another standout memory......you definitely won't forget being there!......Love these gorgeous pictures....Dianne

Pamela said...

I agree with Mr D - you're making sound such an amazing experience that we all want to partake of. What are you all like lounge on those rolls?!

marc said...

O BLING BLING BLING it reminds me of home bring back a few small light shades for me big show biz wave HUGH