Saturday, 14 September 2013

Viva Last Vegas ….. OMG ….. We’re On The Baywatch Beach!!!

OMG, OMG, OMG …… yesterday we went to Hollywood!!!
Hollywood Tour BusWe were soooooooo mahoooosively excited we were just like bottles of very over shaken pop!!!  We had a very early start as it was a long journey with a five hour drive to get there. Our itinerary included Santa Monica Beach, a drive down some of the famous streets in Hollywood and a visit to the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre …… a very whistle stop tour ….. but at least we could say we’d been and tasted Hollywood’s fruits and hoped against hope, in our hearts,  that we would bump into Simon Cowell …… somehow!
hollywood 123Our journey was long, but we did drive through miles and miles of desert, along the long, long straight roads that we’ve seen in films, which was one of the things on our “to do list”,  plus we stopped at a real live “Gas Station/Truck Stop” which was also on our list! The only thing we didn’t see was some tumble weed ….. like in John Wayne films …. but that was just being greedy!!
santa 2345However, there was nothing that will ever describe how we felt as we stepped onto Santa Monica beach and felt the very same sand as the cast of Baywatch between our toes,  OMG,  and then promenaded, eating candy floss, along the iconic Santa Monica Pier, which we have seen so many times in films and on TV …………..  it was all yet another awe and wonder occasion, which seem to just keep on coming!!!
santa bgThere was much robust self pinching and the pinching of each other (by request, naturally),  just to make sure we were really were there!!!
santa monica 123Santa Monica Darrell
In a way it was a bit like being on the beach in England, but in America! And naturally,  it was much, much more romantic and exciting …… especially when a flock of pelicans flew over us …… OMG ….. PELICANS!!!!  PELICANS!!!!
P1120033santa 1
We paddled of course …… so that we could genuinely say that we had enjoyed the pleasures of the Pacific Ocean ….. but there really wasn’t time to get our red Baywatch trunks on for a proper swim.
santa 78santa monica 1

And then,  we just sat quietly for a while ….. taking, nay drinking it all in ……. and squeezing every second for all it was worth …… this was a once in a lifetime day…….
santa 222santa monica m
…… before boys became boys again ……
santa 66……. and Darrell decided to bury Nigel ……

santa f5…… just for fun ….. and Nigel could say he’d been buried on Santa Monica Beach ….. and had the sand in his pants to prove it!!
santa 46Santa Monica Monkey
Our time was far too short and Hollywood was beckoning ……  but if we ever had the chance again ….. we would definitely return ….. it was too WONDERFUL for words!
P1120048But as we said  … Hollywood was beckoning …….to be continued ……


Anonymous said...

Just fantastic! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

A holiday of a lifetime every day.
You were only a couple of hours from Mexico by road. So near yet so far.
Did you see the Hoff or Pamela Anderson running in slow motion?
I'm sure Hugh would fit right in in Tinseltown.

Anonymous said...

Mahoooooosively wonderful you made it to the one and only Baywatch beach and the Pacific look right at home with the beach crowd!....much exciting anticipation waiting for the next keep us busy guessing what you are off to next!......I think that pelican flyover was a great big welcome....Dianne
PS not sure when S. Cowell is these days...he seems to get around

Anonymous said...

PSS Not just anyone can say they were buried in the sand on Santa Monica/Baywatch Beach....another first for Nigel! Big Cheer......Dianne

Pamela said...

Another charming tale of your many adventure on the holiday of a lifetime. Thanks sssoooo much for sharing with us. Is Nigel keeping a few grains of sand?

marc said...

Hugh just wishes he was there with you he said next time he will have to go with you you are having so much fun I to wish I was there big love marc and Hugh

YorkshireKaren said...

This is so exciting! We went round America in August for our own trip of a lifetime, to celebrate our Silver Wedding. John's dream was to drive a convertible along the coast, so we hired a car for a few days and its amazing to think we were posing by the same Route 66 sign at possibly the very same time. I can't believe how close we were to meeting, if I'd seen Darrell I think I'd have fainted, that would have been even more exciting than Baywatch for me!
So gad you loved every moment of your trip, too xx