Sunday, 1 December 2013

It’s Christmas!!!

Well, not quite …. but, it is time for us to once more joyously don our gay apparel …
Gay apparall….. by putting on the jumpers that the PE Lady’s Mum knit for us last year, which are now all fresh and fragrant after being washed and tumbled in half a bottle of Comfort and a whole packet of Lenor tumbler sheets after being put away for the past eleven months.

Christmas Jumpers 2013Naturally, Nigel was in his before you could say “Santa’s Bulging Sack”, but to be honest I wasn’t that far off from him and, as it went over my head  I got my first frisant of a festive tingle! It was like meeting up with an old friend after being apart for far too long.
Christmas Jumpers Christmas 2013….. I think I may have put on a couple of pounds since last year, but it still fit me with a certain je ne sais pas. Nigel teamed his up rather nattily with the scarf our dear friend Dianne in Florida sent him last year.
Chrstmas JumpersAnd even though the shops are teeming with Christmas jumpers this year in all colours and designs, we all had to agree that not one is a patch on any of ours, for the aforementioned PE Lady’s Mum does knit exceeding good Yuletide sweaters of a Bridget Jones type nature!!!


Mr.D said...

PE Lady's Mum and Dianne are awesome.
I had a suspicion that Nigel had grown a bit this year and it wouldn't fit. No need for any concerns.

marc said...

Those are fabtastic and christmas jumpers are so big this year every one is wearing them they are the onesies of the day wear you look fab big show biz wave Hugh

Anonymous said...

The PE Lady's Mum is a knitter par excellent! Those custom made jumpers are the perfect seasonal gay do look handsome and dashing in a one horse open sleigh sort of have all of us devoted readers starting to get those Christmas is coming tingles of excitement.....our poinsettia is in it's plant stand and we spent yesterday afternoon getting our 3 ft Fraser fir table top tree in it's stand.......the scent was heavenly to us here in the semi tropics...... sending Christmas is coming wishes and love....Dianne

Paddington fan said...

You look fab guys!!
Love Jacky and George xx