Tuesday, 22 May 2018

A Weird Phenomenon

Nigel spotted something very, very weird when he got to Tom and The Lovely Laura’s estate yesterday morning.
At first he thought that there must have been some sort of rampant spider activity during the night, a natural phenomena, with millions of webs being spun by spiders in response to the forces of the tidal moon??????
But on closer inspection the web like substance appeared to be wool.
It was in all the gardens along one row of houses and in some on the other side of the road as well.  Nigel thought that he had either stumbled upon a weird phenomenon ………
…… or that there been some sort of shared neighbourhood sheep shearing experience and some of the remnants used as an eco mulch. 
Darrell reckons the answer is less far fetched, he suggests that someone had put their old duvet  out by the bin for collection, but it had been discovered by a family of foxes (or badgers) during the night and nocturnal mayhem had simply ensued!! A case of too many over active imaginations I fear, but I have to admit I am nevertheless a little fluff curious myself.

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Mr.D said...

I prefer Nigel's explanation, myself.