Friday, 18 May 2018

Well, ................ We’re Ready

We’ve got the flags, we’ve got the badges, we’ve got the mug and enough Monster Munch to host our own upmarket wedding reception.
Darrell nipped up to Tesco this morning to do our last minute pre-nup shopping.
Though generous to a fault, Darrell decided to only get one mug to pass between us during the proceedings, because, to be honest, much as we are all very caught up in the excitement of the occasion ……..
…….. on Sunday morning, when it’s all over, would we really look at our commemorative £4 Tesco wedding mugs in quite the same dewy eyed and wistful way when we have our mid morning elevenses? I doubt it somehow, one mug is more than enough.  What are we like, if not just a touch fickle?


Mr.D said...

All looking good. Monster Munch - the upmarket snack of choice for the discerning royalist?

Debbie Chantry said...

One mug, three straws, sharing is caring! Enjoy the celebrations! x