Friday, 4 May 2018

Nigel’s Last Proper Day in New York

Nigel’s last proper day in New York was tinged with not a little sadness, but also with a glad heart that he would soon be back within the bosom of his family.  It was a day to simply chill and embrace New York for the last time……..
…..deciding to see if the flea market in Hells Kitchen was on for a bit of a mooch ……..
…….. it was, but there were only a few stalls due to the inclement weather the day before.
But Nigel learned that on a bad day a New York Flea was just like packing up time at UK car boot. Needless to say, a little disappointingly, Nigel’s money was safe!
However, a trip to the deli before he travelled on for a last sit in Central Park was more productive, as he found a New York bread and pudding to take with him ……. it did not disappoint.
Being a little emotional Nigel was a little remiss with the photo taking, but as  he always says, the pictures will always be in his head. However, alone, on his bench, with his aforementioned bread and butter pudding, Nigel was at one with the world, remembering all the wonderful things he had seen, with a many pinch marks on his arms and legs as proof that he had really been in New York.
Then there was just time for one last exorbitant cocktail …….
….purloin the complementary bath and shower products from his hotel bathroom for Darrell …..
……. and to gaze, for the last time, at the view from his window ……
IMG_7339Father Christmas had done good, really, really good, but finally Nigel was ready to come home!

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Mr.D said...

Father Christmas dun amazingly gud. This seems like the longest holiday in the world!