Sunday, 13 May 2018

Eurovision 2018–All Aboard

Let’s just say, last night was, as expected, emotional! 
Being all together with Hugh was wonderful enough, but to be together for Eurovision as well was …… almost too much, with Hugh as per usual the consummate host.
Our evening started in the light at eight o’clock and ended in the dark at midnight, with, as Hugh had predicted back in February, Israel the victors.
The Maltesers were passed round like a peace pipe, as we swayed to the music, lighters held aloft, we sang along, even in foreign tongues, dabbed the occasional teary eye, and laughed till Darrell had to briefly excuse himself.
We’d sort of decided beforehand that if Hugh was wrong and a Scandinavian country won then we would definitely try to get tickets for next year …….
….. and we could almost taste the herring as Sweden jostled for top position with Israel and Cyprus, until the public vote was added to the judges scores, and then …….. our dreams were cruelly dashed.
…….. after which Hugh said never mind, we could do it all again next year either in Notting Hill or in Worcester, wherever he was at the time, so was win, win all round really …….. only another 365 days to go to then!

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Mr.D said...

Yet another wonderful and memorable evening chez Hugh.