Thursday, 10 May 2018


It’s usually Nigel who “finds” things on his various tooings and froings to nursery with Little Miss Iris and Young Master Bertie ……..
…. however, yesterday it was Darrell’s turn to happen upon the unusual ……
IMG_7384 ……. too wit a very convincing, from a distance, rubber mouse. Knowing Darrell, his first instinct would have been to shriek in a very unseemly and unprofessional manner, accompanied by not a little hysterical leaping up and down, but with two impressionable little ones in his care, he knew he had to curb such inclinations, holding back and taking a sharp intake of breath.
It was Iris who ventured forward for a closer inspection of “the beast”, swiftly pointing out that it was only a toy which another child must have dropped and lost, and who was most probably now feeling very very sad. She said that if they left it exactly where it was, perhaps they might come back and find it there.  Darrell felt duly ashamed of how he might have behaved had he been alone, or with Nigel or myself …….. out of the mouth of babes

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Mr.D said...

Well done, Little Miss Iris. Wise beyond her years.