Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Nigel’s Swanlings Of 2018 Have Arrived.

It’s been an anxious few weeks for Nigel, watching his beloved swans and their nest up by the lock.
And finally yesterday when he went to take a look he was greeted by a very messy empty nest with not a sign of mum, any hatchlings or dad for that matter.
Heart pounding, Nigel decided to walk down to the slipway ………
…… and there they were, mum and five (he thinks) baby swanlings.
It goes without saying that Nigel was very, very, very emotional. But these are precarious days for such tiny creatures, so like last year he needs to be prepared for the thought that one or two might not make it, it’s a lot for mum to keep her eye on.
It’s also almost certain that if I can’t find Nigel in the next coming days/weeks I have a pretty shrewd idea where I’ll find him.


Mr.D said...

Great. Don't get too close, Nigel. Mummy swan wouldn't like it.

Anonymous said...

Hoping they all make it this season. Holding my breath for them......JantheFan x