Thursday, 3 May 2018

Not The US Hamptons

Darrell has become quite an avid watcher of The Housewives of New York in Nigel’s absence, not so much for the daily trials and constant fallings out of The Housewives, but more for the en-trend bars, restaurants  and shops etc. that they are oft to frequent, wondering if they have been on Nigel’s itinerary.
But, what we do know is that Nigel hasn’t been able to visit the exclusive Hamptons, weekend and summer playground of New York's rich and fabulous, including some of the said Housewives. However, Darrell has since discovered that Evesham has its very own Hamptons, so perhaps a visit might be on the cards upon Nigel’s return to salve any disappointment he may have experienced in not visiting the US version.


Mr.D said...

Maybe the Evesham Hamptons are better than the US one.

Mr.D said...
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