Monday, 21 May 2018

How Brilliant Is That ………

Just look what Nigel spotted ……. Doggy Day at the Edinburgh Woollen Mill Shop!
Now, sadly we are not permitted to have a dog chez The Towers because of the stringent leasehold rules …….
…… but, we are seriously considering borrowing Hetty, one of Hugh’s beloved basset hounds for the day, if we need a dog in order to get said discount.
Darrell rather fancies getting a Harris Tweed deer stalker hat as he has heard on the fashion grapevine that they are a bit of a slow burner at the moment, BUT they are going to be the next big en trend trend in the coming months
And Nigel reckons that if we did take Hetty along to claim our discount we would probably get even more than the advertised 20% due to all the attention she would attract, with everyone wanting to say hello to her due to her being totally irresistible and incredibly cute! What are we like, if not enterprising!

1 comment:

Mr.D said...

With a hat like that, he would get invited to stalk deer with the landed gentry. Doubtless Hugh knows one or two, at least.