Monday, 14 May 2018

Here'e To Discrete Friends

It’s so lovely to be with Hugh again  ……..
I just wish he wasn’t quite so guarded on all things of a royal wedding type nature………..
He must be privy to sooooooooooooooo many secrets, but nothing, absolutely nothing, passes his lips.
He is the paragon of irrefutable discretion.
There was only one moment …… when a large plane flew low over Le Chicken Coup, which I suspect Hugh knew much more about than he actually let on.
It was just the way he said “ahhhhh” and “most excellent” while surreptitiously sending some sort of message on his phone ………..
………. that made me think that we had possibly witnessed a practice fly over for the big day, pre-maritally rehearsed in the depths of the Worcester countryside so as not to arouse suspicion………
But what do I know? Perhaps all will be revealed in the fullness of time, if Hugh gets mentioned in the New Years Honours List and gets made into a Dame or a Monsieur, I think I will have been on the right trail!!!  What am I like?


Mr.D said...

Hugh keeps mum very well. No doubt many celebs have him to thank after a sherry or two too many.

Anonymous said...

Oh you boyz do make me smile. Hope your Union Jack Flags are blowing in the wind as I type. JantheFan x