Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Darrell Speculates Upon Meghan’s Wedding Dress

Sadly evidence of the impending Royal Wedding is a little low on the ground in Evesham, perhaps enthusiasm will pick up a bit nearer the day ……..
………. having said that three shops have got in to the spirit of the occasion, much to Darrell’s robustly romantic delight.
However, as beautiful as the wedding dresses used are ………..
……. Darrell is hoping that Meghan will come up with something just a touch more spectacular, rather than go down the shabby chic retro path. He has begged Hugh, his best friend and mentor for the tiniest of hints, but it goes without saying that Hugh is the paragon on discretion and not a word has passed his lips.
I for one, although looking forward to the day immensely, will be grateful, in a way, to when it’s all over, as I would just like to watch something other than “Say Yes To The Dress” US or UK style in the  afternoon with my coffee and hob nob.
Darrell also tells me that “succulents” are the foliage of the moment, “…… so en trend that it’s positively insane” he says!
And, bless him, Hugh will not be drawn on the subject of flowers either, only saying that when it comes to a wedding of a royal type nature it’s all about being steeped in ancient and poignant symbolism and tradition  ……
……. so no marshmallow bouquet to stave of any hunger pains and nervousness when walking down the aisle then!!  Shame!

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Mr.D said...

Good old Hugh.

I could do with a packet of plain Hobnobs!