Friday, 11 May 2018

Deja Vu?

The lilac on our way to and from town is now in full bloom ………
And, last year, if my memory serves me well, we were currently in the midst of the same debate we are now having as to whether it is unlucky to bring lilac into the house.
Darrell found this interesting snippet while doing his research on such matters ……..
The Lilac Tree was once associated with faeries. The fragrance of the tree was so sweet and powerful that it would entice fair folk, and to have lilac flowers in the house would lure the faeries inside.
Faeries were often feared. They were wild and unpredictable. Even pranks and games might prove to be deadly. Worse of all faeries would kidnap people and carry them to the realm of the fey.
The association lilac has with death originates from these roots – people going away and not coming back.
In order to safely display lilac in the house householders should take steps to keep faeries away. There are a number of methods for this. Faeries, it is said, will not cross a line of salt and are vulnerable to cold iron but neither of these methods are particular appropriate for modern households.
Wind chimes serve to distract faeries both with their tinkle and motion. To avoid the lilac bad luck consider putting up wind chimes”
Hmmmmm, well, I for one don’t relish having a flat full of faeries, be they good or bad, or, for that matter, filling The Tower full of wind chimes to keep them away, should Darrell bring any lilac home.  So I have suggested that if it’s the perfume that he loves perhaps getting a bottle of Zoflora for when he is cleaning the flat on a Saturday morning may be a safer alternative.
What am I like? I don’t think he was very amused!


Mr.D said...

What about packets of Parma Violets? They are almost lilac.

Anonymous said...

Oh Parma Violets Mr. D - you are taking me back to the days of the penny sweet shop on my way to school - happy memories. As for the lilac - it says in the research the faeries are vulnerable to cold iron. Maybe you could put the ironing board up, place vase of the lilac flowers on top and stand the iron next to vase. Just a thought.............and maybe not such a good one ! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

JtF - what about candy necklaces and candy cigarette sweets too?