Saturday, 12 May 2018

An Offer Just Too Good To Refuse.

Where’ve we gone? ……. An empty sofa…….
…… and a blank TV screen ……. on one of the most wonderful nights of our year………
……. we got a call from Hugh saying that he had had a flounce like no other diva had flounced before, (Mariah Carey has nothing on Hugh when he’s in a strop), with all the sequins well and truly thrown out of the pot ……..
…….. but, in doing so, had succeeded in managing to get a few precious hours away from all things of a Royal type nature …….. and therefore ….. would we care to join him a la Chicken Coup, his Worcester bolt hole. After so many years when either Darrell or all of us had been with him for Eurovision, it just wouldn’t be the same without us, even though it would only be a fleeting visit
Let’s just say there was no debate whatsoever …….. as you read this, Darrell’s cocktail recipes are on hold, his swizzle stick redundant, the pizzas put back in the fridge and the Maltesers safely packed  in our overnight bag  as we sashay away to Worcester, leaving a trail of Hugh type glitter in our wake.  It’s “all aboard!” for Eurovision.
Oh ……….  and our top three songs of choice to win are:- Sweden, Denmark and Norway in no particular order.

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Mr.D said...

Its that time of the year again.

Boom bang a bang. Inky pinky parlez vous.

Quite what part of Europe Israel and Australia belong to is anyone's guess.