Wednesday, 16 May 2018

All Bodes Well For The Royal Wedding …….

After the excitement of Eurovision last night we really needed something to buoy up our spirits, knowing that it will be another year before our annual televisual highlight comes round again ….. so  the arrival of Darrell’s latest prescription subscription craft beers was just the fortuitous boost we needed ……..
…… especially with the Royal Wedding all but six days away.
There was the latest copy of Ferment to keep Darrell otherwise occupied and a packet of Emily Veg Crisps to get me started on thinking about preparations for our own wedding, half time, smorgasbord.
We will naturally be toasting the happy couple with a bottle of  Tesco Asti Spumante ……….. and then later Darrell will hopefully be making one of his celebratory cocktails ……..
……. but, I think we now have fair selection of choice ales to the take us later into the evening, should we wish to “continue” celebrating the getting of a new Duchess some more!

1 comment:

Mr.D said...

The beers look great. Does Darrell know his wort from his bung hole, his endosperm, his lovibond and his Burton snatch? They are all brewing terms!