Saturday, 26 May 2018

Nigel Does Ragdale Hall

Hugh phoned to say that he’d booked himself in for a day at Ragdale Hall Spa in order to recoup after “The Wedding”,  but, when Saturday was all over with, he  quickly realised that a day in a health spa just wouldn’t be enough and instead was now bound for a weeks Buddhist retreat in deepest, darkest Suffolk ……….
…… but would Nigel like to take his place as he knew Darrell was off scrapbooking somewhere or another.
Let’s just say Nigel didn’t need to be asked twice, he was well up for a day of pampering and fine dining ……..
……. and free beauty products so his speedos were very swiftly packed and he was away.
On arrival, and after a little form filling, Nigel was lead to the treatment area where he found that Hugh had booked himself  in for almost every treatment on the board.
IMG_8031Well, what’s a poor boy to do, he stripped down to his pants and was on the treatment couch, under a warm towel faster than you could say paraffin wax! 
……. And after several hours of deep cleansing (inside and out), exfoliation(only on the outside), peeling, toning, moisturising, rubbing, pummelling and massaging, accompanied either by the lilt of a pan pipe or sounds from the Ecuadorian Rain Forrest, he was helped to the Quiet Lounge,  where he was advised to drink plenty of water and not to do anything strenuous for at least the next hour. Never before has Nigel felt so soft and fragranced ……. in all his areas!!
More tomorrow ………

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Mr.D said...

Deep cleansing inside? Something Dr. Kellogg would have done? Colonic irrigation?