Saturday, 19 May 2018

Ding Dong The Bells Are Going To Chime …..

We were all up, showered, wedding breakfasted and sat ready on the sofa by 8.30 this morning, there is no way we want to be found wanting in any department of a Royal Wedding audience type nature.
Rest assured we will be waving our Meghan and Harry flags proudly aloft at all the appropriate moments and we’ve also decided that to get into the wedding spirit and “vibe”, every time the commentators mention the names Meghan, Harry or The Queen, we are all going to take a celebratory swig of Asti Spumante from our Tesco Royal Wedding “Loving” Cup, thus promising a continual toasting of the Bride and Groom until we have seen the final balcony kiss (if there is a balcony at Windsor).  It’s going to be a goooooooooooooood day!


Mr.D said...

After that many swigs of Asti Spumante, I suspect you will be flat out, by the time Meghan and Harry get to any balcony.

CraftyCoffey said...

Goodness-don’t you all look smart. I’m hoping you start off with “sips” of the Asti rather than swigs or you’ll all need Alka Seltzer tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

What an event - smiled and cried in equal measure - Love - is what the world needs and lots of it - said The Most Rev Bishop Michael Curry - and so say all of us. Every good wish to Megan & Harry as they venture on their exciting life together. A joyful event for sure. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Up at 4am US time to witness live this magical event in the Harry-Meghan love story! Hope reigned today as these two incredible, caring human beings took another step forward to their place on the world stage. They represent true beauty and hope, and bring faith in the future to this mother and grandmother. Always have had a soft spot for Harry after seeing him at Princess Diana's funeral and kept track of his life over the years; so very much of Diana surrounds him. After the nightmare of the US presidential election and the stress of it's daily horrors, there is great comfort seeing the intelligent Meghan, who represents the best of the US, united with Harry. The boys look perfectly attired and I would have loved to be there and wave the flags on this perfect day......Happy Wedding Day to all from Dianne in the US