Friday, 25 May 2018

Heaven Help Me ……

Darrell told Nigel about the garden/yard he had spotted the other day and within minutes the two off them were off to try to get a better look.  What on earth are they like?
Well, what can I say except for the inevitable …….. Nigel was totally enchanted and at times like these I am sooooooooooooooo very grateful that the rules of The Towers are so uncompromising about our communal garden.
I am still having some trouble with “the creatures”, I find the sheep to be not a little scary and the amalgamated calf come reindeer equally so. As for what I originally thought was a diving whale’s tail, well that now seems to be a large chicken with the wings and talons of an eagle, it’s poor terrified face as it appears to come in to land, for me, is the stuff of nightmares.
Needless to say, Nigel is now totally enchanted, hence my relief at our not having a garden of our own.  This “tableau”, I fear, will now be a regular stopping off point for the little fella, who says he has “a feeling in his water” that this display could possibly change with the season or the occasion, heaven help me!  I hold Darrell firmly to account for this.

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Mr.D said...

The tableau brought to mind the east European series "The Singing Ringing Tree." Disturbing and scary stuff.