Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Nigel Does HIs Final Shopping

After finally deciding it was time to return to the familiar climes of Evesham, Nigel still had a few bits and pieces of present shopping to do …….
Knowing our eclectic tastes, he was looking for the unusual, but decided that though he loved it, the owl shower curtain with matching owl shower hooks might not really have had a place in Darrell’s uncompromising interior design ideas.
And despite Darrell almost always being hypnotically drawn towards anything of a  new or unusual home cleaning nature, perhaps even he might not be too impressed by a range of Scrub Mummy and Daddy products, no matter how amusing Nigel found the name.
So a range of popular American confectionary it was then, along with the obligatory statue of the Statue of Liberty, a New York skyline snow globe, a key ring and a lucky waving Chinese cat all found on his previous sojourns thrown in for good measure. Nigel’s New York shopping spree was done!

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Mr.D said...

Evesham calls. Back to the bosom of the family.