Sunday, 27 May 2018

Nigel Does Ragdale Hall

I told Nigel that if he was going to take any selfies while he was at Ragdale Hall he should be mindful that they didn’t include any unintentional nudity as far as his body was concerned.
Believe me, I know how easy it is to go into a sauna, towel safely tucked in, and then get carried away with being at one with nature, intoxicated by the perfume infused air.
And bless him ……….
……. not only did he take a mahoooooosive nappy pin with him to prevent any accidental towel slippage ……..
……. but he also kept his t-shirt on at all times, despite it becoming quite hot in the various saunas and steam rooms. There was no way he wanted to risk an international spa type incident under Hugh’s name.
He said his favourite room was the Volcanic Salt Bath ……… it was very hot, very dark and very dramatic he said, even though there wasn’t actually any real life lava or spumming smoke in there.
IMG_8056When he re-emerged he said he felt truly reinvigorated after a full 10 minutes maximum exposure, which he then followed by an equally invigorating rub down with several ice soaked flannels.
There were opportunities to mooch in the various shops, but candles, perfumes and potions, handbags and flip flops are more Darrell’s prerogative than his.
To be honest, he was more than happy with all the top end complimentary products in the shower rooms with which he doused himself liberally whenever the opportunity arouse.  His hair, he said, has never felt so silky, vibrant and irresistibly tossable…….. and as for the shower gel …… well, it smelt sooooooooooooooooo divine, like the breathe of a thousand angels!  What on earth is he like, if not poetic!


Mr.D said...

Nigel "should be mindful that they didn’t include any unintentional nudity as far as his body was concerned."

His body and anybody else's body too.

Hopefully his tee shirt didn't shrink in the hot steam. That could have been rather uncomfortable.

CraftyCoffey said...

What a pampered & relaxed Nigel-clearly his health treatments have undone the stresses of daily life.