Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Darrell Does Scrapbooking

While Nigel was at Ragdale Hall being pummelled and pampered courtesy of Hugh, Darrell was partaking in a scrapbooking workshop at the local Crafters Companion, another generous gift from Hugh. 
Originally Hugh had booked it for himself as a cathartic activity after “the wedding”, but offered his place to Darrell when he realised that the only cathartic activity he could cope with was to be under his silk duvet in a darkened room, wearing sunglasses (a la Victoria Beckham). All the personal pictures he had taken, with scrapbooking in mind, were now consigned for possible inclusion in his autobiography, when he finally gets round to writing it!
Darrell decided to work around a picture of Young Master Bertie, but to be honest, after trying scrapbooking once, he isn’t entirely convinced that scrapbooking is his forte.
Being ever the perfectionist, if something didn’t look quite right despite moving it here, there and everywhere, trimming and re-trimming, his inclination was to just stick it in the bin and start again.
However, as he was in company and it was an opportunity to learn new skills,  he persevered, holding back any artistic angst he might be suffering.
He said afterwards that doing things “small”, wasn’t really his sort of thing, and that he was best sticking to things of a more interior design and fashion type nature, but, the chocolate cake at the end of it all made staying with it VERY well worthwhile.  What is he like?

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Mr.D said...

My comment didn't appear. I bet Hugh's scrapbook would be full if top celebs.