Monday, 28 May 2018

Nigel Does Ragdale Hall

As you know, Darrell very much believes in the mystical powers of a holey stone, and at Ragdale Hall Nigel was encouraged to caress age old pebbles ………….
……… before tossing them, in a wistful type fashion, into the faux stream that flows through the Thermal Spa area ……
…….. in order to rid himself of all negative energy before starting his journey (?) ………….
Well, I have to say Nigel doesn’t has a single ounce of negative energy in his little body, but to show willing he found the smallest stone in the bowl to caress and chuck, noting that the bowl appeared to be refilled several times during the day, from which he surmised that there were people, though looking very chilled in their fluffy bathrobes and Ragdale flip flops who must have been riddled with said energy on their arrival.
Nigel’s “journey” took him to the dining room, where he found he was on the 12.45 sitting. He started with the spinach and leek gratin, something he’d never tried before but which slipped down very easily, mopped up with a brown roll.
This was then followed by a trip to the buffet area.  Nigel had anticipated a plate of lettuce leaves with perhaps a cucumber slice and spring onion on the side, but he was very pleasantly surprised, he chose a bit of everything on the cold side, not wishing to besmirch all the good his body (and mind) had experienced on his day so far, but, had he wished, there was also roast pork with gravy and meatballs with butterbeans, which had been a huge temptation.
Nigel was also mindful of the pudding counter, leaving enough room to indulge his sweet tooth. In the end he whittled it down to just three, well, it would have looked rude not to try more than one, wouldn’t it?
After this Nigel decided it might be best to let his lunch settle a little in The Greenhouse ………
……. before a last gentle dip in the warm waters of the roof top infinity pool …….
IMG_8046 ……. followed by a couple of lengths with a pool noodle in the main swimming pool.
And then, sadly, it was time for home, with one last blow dry and a few final dabs with the complimentary cotton pads.
It was all tooooooooooooo wonderful. Hugh just has the most fantastic life, but without rubbing your nose in it. He was, as Darrell would say, the master of the understated, something Nigel was now going to try aspire to, Hugh was his hero!


Mr.D said...

What a wonderful spa. Hugh must get fully relaxed after his extraordinary lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

It all sounds rather wonderful - wonder if it would help me going into the garden and caressing some old pebbles........but the neighbours might wonder if I have lost my marbles so better leave that alone until it gets dark, then I can rub my old pebbles to my heart's content. JantheFan x