Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Darrell Has Wonderful News For Nigel

With word that Nigel could be home very soon now Darrell’s mood has lifted considerably, becoming much more his usual buoyant self ……. and especially as he also has some very wonderful news to impart to Nigel.
Yesterday he thought he’d just pop down to the weir, only to find that Nigel’s beloved swans are nesting again, in the exact same spot as last year.
IMG_7859It’s not the most perfect of nesting places, but Darrell did think that the area looked a little clearer and less blocked by all the stuff bought down by the river.
IMG_7858Nigel will be beside himself when he finds out and Darrell can’t wait to be the person to tell him the glad tidings …….. bless.

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Mr.D said...

Nigel will be so excited!