Sunday, 6 May 2018

Home Sweet Home ......... At Last

Our beloved Nigel is home, what more can I say?  It’s a funny thing to say, but The Towers seemed to become lighter and brighter as soon as the little fella came through the front door …….. and would you believe, I think he’s got a bit of a New York twang?  What is he like?
IMG_7889 …… and, despite my saying not to spend his money on us,  there were presents galore ……. Darrell was absolutely thrilled with his New York t-shirt ……….
……. And who wouldn’t be dead chuffed with a large Statue of Liberty Statue and a snow globe featuring the New York skyline, of which I have charged Darrell with finding the perfect position for them on our shelves, to display to their maximum advantage. 
IMG_7892Nigel also bought back an assortment of very interesting American confectionary for our delectation and quite possibly the odd review or two.
There was one tiny disappointment, Nigel’s solar powered, lucky Chinese waving cat, so lovingly purchased in Chinatown, has sadly failed to wave, and New York is a bit far to travel to exchange it or get his money back,  but the memories are all still there and to be honest, just having Nigel back is good enough fortune for any of us.
Life can now get back to “normal”, whatever “normal” is …………… even if one of us has a bit of a weird trans Ameri-W-ton accent!


Mr.D said...

A Mid Atlantic accent?

Welcome back young Nigel! He doesn't look too overweight either.

Mr.D said...

P.S. Nigel left on 9th March and returned on 6th May. What a holiday. No wonder he came back with a weird accent.

Mr.D said...

My comment hasn't appeared again.....

I wonder how long Nigel's weird accent will last. Moind yow, the Wulveramptun accent is pretty weird too. Noyne, poy, foyve, to name a few.